The Destination Imagination program asks teams to creatively solve two different kinds of Challenges, each with its own purpose and educational focus. The two Challenges, or components, are called the Team Challenge (Central Challenge and Team Choice Elements) and the Instant Challenge. Teams present their solutions to both Challenges at a Tournament where the solutions are evaluated by friendly people we call “Appraisers.”

Team Central Challenge

Purpose: Encourages development of Creative Problem Solving techniques, teamwork, and creative process over a long period of time (usually several months).

Educational Focus of Central Challenge: The project undertaken by the team is curriculum-based and focused on one or more of the following areas: Theatrical/Literary/Fine Arts Elements, Technical/Mechanical Design, Structural Design, Improvisational Techniques, Community Service.

Each of the seven Central Challenges involves a research component.

One or more of the seven Challenges involves an international and/or intercultural theme.

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Team Choice Elements

Purpose: Encourages participants to discover and showcase their collective interests, strengths, and abilities as a team and as individuals, and allows them to develop that showcase over a long period of time.

Educational Focus of Team Choice Elements: Based on the educational theory of multiple intelligences, which in part emphasizes allowing participants to find their own best ways to present what they have learned.

Allows teams total freedom to develop elements of their own choosing and to highlight areas of strength that are not brought forth in the Central Challenge requirements.

Allows/Encourages teams to recognize and make the most of each individual’s abilities/interests.

Instant Challenge

The Destination Imagination Instant Challenge is a Challenge teams are asked to solve in a very short period of time at their Tournament, without knowing ahead of time what the Challenge will be.

Purpose: To put team’s creative problem solving abilities, creativity, and teamwork to the test in a short, time-driven Challenge.

Educational Focus of Instant Challenge: The team’s use of creative problem solving strategies, assessment and use of available materials, and teamwork under tight time constraints.

Encourages teams to develop creative problem solving and time management strategies, performance and improvisational techniques.

Develops the ability to quickly assess the properties of provided materials, and learn how to creatively manipulate materials for a unique solution.

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