So your team was just called to the podium at the Awards Ceremony, and your team is going to Global Finals

What now?


  • Go collect your medals and your Global Finals packet, containing the forms you will need.
  • You should already have saved a pre-order for your Champ Pack, and have figured out how you are going to pay for it. Go to the Champ Pack purchase table outside the awards ceremony to pay.  You will probably be given your pins and shirts on the spot.  It is definitely better [cheaper and easier] to purchase your Champ Pack while you are still at the tournament.
  • There will be a brief but very important online meeting for managers of teams which are advancing to Global Finals a few days after the Affiliate Tournament. At least one TM should attend this meeting.
  • Within a couple of days of the tournament your team will be enabled for enrollment at Global Finals.  You will receive a separate email with instructions on this.

Congratulations again to the advancing teams, and welcome to Team New York!

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