Team meetings usually start at 2 hours per week for most teams. Meetings can be after school, in the evening, or during the weekend, with the times are determined by availability of team manager and/or team members. Most teams want to increase their meeting time in February in order to accomplish the Central Challenge according to their expectations. Thus, there is a possibility of multiple weekly meetings, and additional work sessions as the Tournament approaches. That decision is one the Team Manager & the team members make.

The season runs from team formation in the fall to the Regional Tournament, usually in March. Tournament day is usually an all-day commitment for teams.

First and second place teams at the Regional level will advance to the Affiliate Tournament (usually in April). On an annual basis Destination Imagination, Inc. determines how many teams from the Affiliate Tournament can advance to Global Finals, held at the end of May in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Teams which advance to these upper level tournaments generally continue devoting significant time to their solutions, making improvements and practicing their performances to be ready for the higher level of competition.

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