Food. You love it. You eat it. Now it is time to appreciate it! Food may be difficult to fit into your typical DI Challenge, but this Dive In Summer Challenge will have you asking for seconds!


Your challenge is to research an artist and select one of their artworks for reproduction with only edible materials. In addition to being edible, the team must also research the current federal nutrition guidelines, and attempt to design the reproduction artwork to follow them. The resulting reproduction must include enough food for the entire Dive In team to share as a balanced meal at the end of the challenge.

Please ensure that you seek assistance as appropriate in making your edible items. For example: Seek the appropriate supervision when using knives, the stove, etc… As always, non-team members may provide guidance on the techniques of preparing food or operation of kitchen appliances.

Definition: “artworks” – This could include paintings, 3D sculpture, photographs, drawings, you name it, if an artist made it and you can reproduce it with food, we want to see it!
Definition: “reproduction” – A copy of a work of art, in this case, made from edible food items.
Definition: “balanced meal” – The intention of this challenge is to re-create an artwork that can then serve as a meal. Teams should research what a recommended “balanced meal” includes and strive to include the proper balance of food groups in the artwork reproduction.


If you would like to share your solution with NYDI and our community, please submit the following things:

  1. A photo of your edible reproduction.
  2. The name of the original artwork and artist, and a photo of the original artwork.
  3. Please include photos of your creation process, and a photo of your Dive In team enjoying the meal you have created!

Submit by email to Molly Gawura at [email protected] by September 1, 2014. By submitting, you are giving permission to NY DI to share your photos on our website or Facebook page, unless you specifically notify us that sharing is not permitted.

EVERYONE who submits their solution to our Food is Art challenge will receive a special prize from NYDI, by mail.

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