By donating to NYDI, you are:

Keeping the Lights On

so we can continue to run this life changing, volunteer-led program for years to come

Funding Scholarships

for students and teams who need help covering registration and travel fees

Helping us recruit

more students for the program, particularly in lower-income areas of the state.

The New York Affiliate of Destination Imagination is entirely self funded. We run on donations, sponsorships and volunteers.


What it means to give monthly:

If you’re able to donate monthly to NYDI—even $5 or $10 each month—this consistent revenue helps us budget and plan for the season ahead, market DI in more areas of the state, and offer more scholarships to students and teams in need of financial assistance. It’s like a monthly subscription that provides annual happiness and growth for New York students who may not find a supportive community or outlet for their talents otherwise.

Whether it’s monthly or one time, any amount you can contribute will help us grow a future generation of New Yorkers who are:

  • Global citizens
  • Critical thinkers and team players
  • Equipped to solve our world’s most complex challenges

Students posing for a photo at a Destination Imagination tournament
"It is amazing to observe the transformation that DI participants undergo as the year progresses and their Challenge solutions begin to take shape. Watching them present solutions at tournaments is awesome - I am always wowed by their level of creativity!"
Nancy Woeckener, Volunteer