When do you recommend that students arrive in Binghamton for the Tournament?

  • The answer to this question depends greatly upon how far away from Binghamton you live, and also upon your budget.
  • Most teams travelling from farther away (e.g. Buffalo or NYC area) stay overnight in a Binghamton area hotel on the night before the tournament, so that the team is well rested and ready to perform early in the day.
  • If you live closer to Binghamton, you may be able to travel early in the morning to reach Binghamton High School.  Be aware, though, that there is a risk involved, in that a transportation breakdown could cause you to miss your performance time. 

When do you recommend that students leave Binghamton after the Tournament?

  • Most teams pack up and leave for home immediately after the Awards Ceremony.
  • Please note that there is a mandatory meeting for Team Managers of teams which are advancing to Global Finals, held immediately after the Awards Ceremony. Consider whether your students need to wait for the TM, or whether they can leave before the meeting is over.

Should we use a bus?

  • That depends upon your budget, and whether every student or supporter has a way to reach Binghamton.
  • It is the most convenient method of transportation for the teams and spectators.
  • Consider whether you want to charge spectators to ride the bus.

What kind of bus?

  • Again, this depends on your budget, and the number of people travelling.
  • School buses can work, but loading props on them can be very difficult. Also, there is no seperate space for luggage, so consider the safety factor.  Be sure to pack your props in a way that they will not become projectiles should the bus stop suddenly.
  • Coach buses with luggage compartments below work very well, but are more costly. Be sure, however, to check in advance that your props will fit in the luggage compartment!

If we have a bus, do we need another vehicle too?

  • Many teams feel that is advisable to have one adult travel in a vehicle separate from the bus.
  • This can allow the team to get on the road headed home after the tournament, while the Team Manager stays behind to attend the Global Finals meeting.
  • What if the team discovers that they desperately need critical item X from store Y and thus needs to send parent Z to go buy it for them?

Can we travel in parent vehicles?

  • Yes, many teams do this.
  • Many school districts have policies which dictate whether a student’s parent must be present in the vehicle in which they are travelling.
  • Consider the potential for legal liability in case of an accident.

Where should we park?

  • There is plenty of parking available at SUNY Broome Community College.
  • We recommend:
    • Vehicles with props for Challenges in the Student Center – park in Lot #5.
    • Vehicles with props for Challenges in Decker Health Sciences Center – park in Lot #1.
    • Vehicles without props – park in Lot #1 or Lot #4.
  • If you have a bus, van, truck or other large vehicle please drop off your props at the door, then promptly move your vehicle to one of the parking rows farther from the building.
  • Please respect the markings for fire zones, handicapped parking, and other reserved parking. 

Where should we stay?

  • Each year NYDI negotiates reduced hotel rates through the Greater Binghamton Convention and Vistors Bureau.
  • Teams are NOT allowed to stay at the Holiday Inn Binghamton.  It is reserved strictly for appraisers and tournament officials.

Do we need to provide transportation between our hotel and SUNY Broome?

  • Yes.  While there are hotels technically within walking distance, they are not adjacent to the school, and foul weather could present a problem for walkers.

What about meals?

  • There is a cafeteria at SUNY Broome which will be open for lunch.
  • Teams should make their own plans concerning breakfast and dinner.
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