This page is for current participants in our program, and lists the Event Guides for recent and upcoming New York Destination Imagination events.

If you are interested in learning more about our yearly events, please visit How the NYDI Season Works.

Destination Imagination of New York, Inc. (NYDI) is a Licensee of Destination Imagination, Inc. (DIHQ); as such, all NYDI tournaments are required to be operated in accordance with DIHQ.'s published tournament and Challenge guidelines, including but not limited to the Challenges, Rules of the Road, Tournament/Challenge Master/Appraiser Guide, Affiliate Accessibility Resource (Vol 1. & Vol 2.), DI Scoring Program documentation, clarifications, and any other DIHQ guidance.

Licensees are required to submit an Event Guide for every tournament that they operate. An event guide (sometimes called an access guide, building guide, accessibility guide, participation guide, or visiting guide) is a resource that shows how to get to an event or program, the exterior and interior details of the venue, shows photos and gives descriptions of various rooms and paths of travel, and offers other helpful information to participants about what to expect and how to behave. An accessibility guide is especially useful to people with disabilities (physical or hidden) and their communities.

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