The Odyssey was an epic journey, and it is time we share the benefits of travel with the content of our pantries. Grab some cans and let’s get floating!


Your challenge is to transform a common 20 oz PET bottle (soda bottle or similar) into a boat that can float while carrying two standard cans of soup for at least 2 minutes. In addition to the soda bottle, you may use any other items to make your boat that may commonly be found in a grocery store. Since all boats have names, you must name your boat and create a song about it and the soupy sailors that can be sung to commemorate the two minute voyage.


The two standard soup cans (10 ¾ oz or larger) must be in contact with the PET bottle during the entire voyage. Some part of the PET bottle must be in contact with the water during the voyage.


The song must mention the name you give your boat and describe the epic voyage it takes with the soup cans. Time signature and style are up to you!

Submission: optional

If you would like to share your solution with NYDI and our community, please submit video or photos by email to Molly Gawura at [email protected] by September 5, 2013. If you give us permission to post solution online, it will have to take a form that could be posted on our website, for example, digital photos, video, power point, etc…

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Up for a fun challenge? Join us!