Smart Phone AppOverview:

A quick search of the available smart phone apps reveals the surprising fact that there is no readily available Destination Imagination themed smart phone application! Can you believe it? Well, we couldn’t, and we at NYDI think it is just about time we have one!


Your challenge is to research smart phone applications, how they are developed and designed, and pitch a Destination Imagination themed application. Your application will need to be useful to some member of the DI community.

Definition “DI community” – Anyone involved in DI programs from the team members to the parents and families to the appraisers, even the spectators or the volunteers.

The pitch for your app should explain what your app is and how it works. It can take any form you would like: written explanation, presentation, opera, etc… Your pitch will need to include the following information:

  1. Who is your application useful to in the DI community?
  2. How will your application be useful?
  3. What will at least 3 “pages” or screens of the application look like.
  4. What smart phone capabilities will the application use to be useful to its user?

Definition: “smart phone capabilities” – Things that smart phones can do with their computing power, as well as the unique ways people can interact with them. Examples – most smart phones have a touch screen to manipulate icons on the screen, or, most smart phones have GPS capabilities that can be used by applications.

Submission: optional

If you would like to share your solution with NYDI and our community, please submit your pitch by email to [email protected]. By submitting your solution, you give NYDI permission to share your solution publicly; we could post on the website or at a training, event, workshop or tournament!

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