Follow these great steps to help failure-proof your team and be ready for any kind of breakdown!


List all the things that could go wrong!

  • Use team brainstorming to think of all the things that might go wrong!
  • Write everything down!
  • Ask open ended questions to prompt ideas!
  • Do not edit ideas at the time.

Determine how the potential problems are related to each other!

  • Group the problems from the brainstorming e.g. props, people, equipment

Add new things to your list!

  • Look for additions to your list
  • Combine items the team thinks are really the same
  • Do not delete anything unless the team is UNANIMOUS!

Rank the problems for the trouble they could cause!

  • Rank the potential problems for the seriousness of the result
  • Remind the team that small things can sometimes have disastrous results
  • Review each group and make any adjustments

Think of all the ways to prevent the problems or minimize them!

  • For each problem ask “if this happens we could….?”
  • Discuss problems that cannot be prevented, e.g. weather, crowd noise, etc.
  • Encourage your team to HAVE FUN, and be creative with their ideas… ad libbing always scores well!

Prepare a plan of action!

  • Include who, what, when, where and how!
  • Review the “disaster plan” periodically
  • Cause ‘spontaneous’ mishaps during practice to allow your team to practice the plan! A good example is deliberately leaving the batteries out of the tape player, or knocking over a prop during a rehearsal.

DO IT!! As with everything in life, success comes with practice… Practice… PRACTICE!!!

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