Participants often ask us why our Tournaments are scheduled as they are.

We receive questions like:

  • Why this date for the Tournament?
  • Why is our performance time so early / so late?
  • Why is there so much / little time between our Team Challenge (TC) and Instant Challenge (IC)?
  • Why can’t the awards ceremony be earlier?
  • Why can’t we have the tournament on multiple days?
  • Why is the tournament enrollment deadline so early?
  • Why can’t I change our performance time a week before the Tournament?

So let’s think about what is involved in scheduling a Tournament…

The Basics

What do we need to do?

  • Figure out the date of the Tournament
  • Figure out which teams need to be scheduled
  • Figure out what TC rooms we need.
  • Give each team a TC time.
  • Assign each team to an IC room.
  • Give each team an IC time.


How We Usually Build the Tournament Schedule

We debated for a while whether to publish our actual process for scheduling Tournaments, but decided in the end that we should, in the name of transparency, to show how rigorous the process is, and to help teams understand why, in some cases, we might not be able to honor all of their requests, or why they might end up with less than preferable scheduling.

So, suppose you are the Tournament Director, and you need to schedule the Tournament. Here are the steps that you would usually take to schedule the Tournament:


  • This set of instructions is intended for Tournament Directors tasked with scheduling a Tournament.
  • This is not a set of instructions for Team Managers.
  • Rather, it is our guide for Tournament Directors, made public in the name of transparency, in the hope that teams will better understand the scheduling process.
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