Destination Imagination official Program Materials include:

  • Team Challenges – the rules for a team’s selected challenge
  • Rules of the Road – the definitive reference for the rules of DI (applies to all Team Challenges)
  • Roadmap – a guidebook to help Team Managers manage a team from their first session all the way to a tournament
  • Travel Guide for Teams – a detailed guide describing what teams can expect at the tournament (usually published in January)

Click Here to Download Program Materials

New versions of the Program Materials are published annually.  They are available only with a valid Team Number for the current program year.

  • If your team has a sponsoring organization (school, district, booster club, etc.), your coordinator should be able to guide you to the Program Materials.
  • If you are a new organization, or registering a Free Agent team, visit your Region Page to learn how to proceed.
  • If you already have a valid Team Number you can visit the Destination Imagination Inc. Resource Area to download documents.
  • If you need further assistance gaining access to the Program Materials, contact your Regional Director.

The contents of the Team Challenges, Rules of the Road, Roadmap and Travel Guide are copyrighted, and can be duplicated or distributed only as permitted by Destination Imagination, Inc.


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