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May 24, 2017 - May 27, 2017


I have a group of kids who are ready to get started in NYDI. How do I register my team?

If your school, school district, or organization already has a relationship with NYDI, then they will help you register your team. If you aren't sure who to talk to, feel free to contact us for information.

If you just want to sign up an individual team, see We are ready to buy our Team Membership now below.

I want to participate, but there is no team here…

Good news! All it takes to form a team is 2-7 kids who are interested, and an adult who can serve as the Team Manager. Any adult can be a Team Manager! We provide great Program Materials, multiple training sessions and mentoring programs for Team Managers. Some Destination Imagination teams are associated with schools, but others are associated with a youth group, scouts, or are completely independent / parent run. Anyone can form a team, with or without the participation of their school district, and there is no specific "location" for DI!

To learn more please contact our eastern region director.

What's the Fee Structure?

Team Number purchase in the Eastern Region is a two step process, with Team Number Purchase and Affiliate Fee payment through DI Inc., and Regional Fee payment directly to NYDI.

Here are the details: 

Fee Paid To Competitive
Rising Stars
Digital &
≥ 5
Digital &
≥ 5
Team Registration / Team Number DI Inc. $105 $125 $95  $65 $75 $60
Affiliate Fee DI Inc. $80 $80 $80  $15 $15 $15
Regional Fee (Eastern) NYDI $275 $275 $275  $75 $75 $75
Total   $460 $480 $450  $155 $165 $150

For a 7-member competitive team that is an amazingly low $67 per student – and includes all of the following:

  • Mentoring for new team managers
  • Instant Challenge Fiesta (in January)
  • Regional Tournament registration (in March)
  • Affiliate Tournament registration (in April)
    [if the team advances past regional level]


  • NYDI no longer operates via PNW BOCES! This will reduce our overhead, allowing us to provide more services to teams and Team Managers.
  • There is now an increased fee if you want printed Program Materials (vs. electronic only).
  • Once an organization purchase 5 teams (at one time), all subsequent purchases will receive the discounted rate.
  • A $50 late fee will apply to teams registering after December 15, 2016.

There are addition costs for materials, travel, etc., especially if teams advance to higher levels of competition. Registered teams should see our Budgeting and Fundraising section for a more detailed discussion of team finances.

We are ready to buy our Team Membership now!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1 bubblePurchase your Team Number from DI Inc.

During this step you will also be paying the NYDI Affiliate fee of $80 per Competitive team, or $15 per Rising Stars! (early learners, K-2) team.

There are three ways to do this:

icon mouse Purchase your Team Number online using ShopDI.org
This is the fastest method!
icon pencil Download our Start a Team Application
Fax to: +1 (856) 881-3596 or Email to: AskDI@dihq.org
icon phone Call DI Inc. at +1 (888) 321-1503
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (EST)

All options above accept Credit Card, Check, Money Order, Purchase Order, or Wire Transfer.

Note: It is very important to provide your correct contact information in this step, including:

      • Organization name [for school-sponsored teams this should be your school district name]
      • Primary contact - a real person who knows about your DI program. Please provide at least Name, Email address and Telephone number. 
      • Shipping address for Program Materials

If you don't provide complete and correct information, we will not be able to ship the Program Materials to you, and we will not be able to contact you to complete the following registration steps - so please double check that your information is accurate.

2 bubblePay Regional Fee

Shortly after completing your Team Number purchase you will be contacted by email with instructions on how to pay your regional fee. The cost is $275 per Competitive team, $75 per Rising Stars! team.

3 bubbleStart Working!

Review the Program Materials, schedule a team meeting, and begin!

I've paid my fees, now what?

Once you have purchased your Team Number, the Program Materials will be distributed and teams can begin working on their solutions. Additionally, login information for online registration (see below) will be provided.

Team Manager Training:

The Eastern region Team Manager training is usually held in October. Team Managers looking for more training opportunities can utilize the online DI University, see our Resource Page, and can enroll in NYDI Team Manager webinars.

Event / Tournament Enrollment:

Before registering for any events, each team must complete Team Registration. This lists the team members, their managers, their age level and which challenge they will be solving.

Team Registration should be completed by the end of November.

Once teams are registered, they can enroll in events (e.g. Instant Challenge Fiestas, held in January) and tournaments where they can show off their solutions, and square off against other teams for the chance to advance to the New York Affiliate Finals, and onward to Destination Imagination Global Finals.

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