This is an example of a contract / ground rules, which the Team Manager can have Team Members and their Parents agree to and sign.


____________________ has been selected as a member of a Destination Imagination team. In order to insure that parents and students understand the responsibility and commitment needed by each team member, please take the time to read over this contract, initialling each item, and signing the completed document.


Destination Imagination offers seven exciting standards-based Challenges in STEMImprovVisual ArtsService Learning, and Early Learning. Each Challenge is open-ended and enables students to learn and experience the creative process from imagination to innovation. In solving Destination Imagination Challenges, students learn important 21st century skills which will prepare them for a brilliant future. Students have fun and gain confidence in their ability to solve any challenge.

The program commences in the fall when the year’s Challenges are are issued. Teams of up to seven students organize, choose their challenge and work for months honing their solution.  Adult team managers (parents, teachers, etc.) facilitate the group, but cannot give technical or other assistance. Teams present their solutions at regional and state tournaments, which narrow the field to about 15 teams from each state or international affiliate. These teams compete in the ultimate creativity showdown, Global Finals, each May. 


Please initial each item to which you can honestly agree:

_____ I realize that no Challenge has only one solution, and that a successful team is one which cooperates by considering every team member’s proposed solutions and ideas fairly.

_____ I agree that my behavior at meetings and tournaments will be constructive.

_____ I agree that each team meeting is valuable and will attend each meeting as best as I can. If a conflict arises, I will notify my Team Manager in advance.

_____ I agree to stay focused at team meetings, and to act on purpose to solve the challenge during meetings.

_____ I will not engage in behavior which distracts other team members from their work on the solution.

_____ I agree to cooperate on whatever solution the team chooses, even if it is not my first choice.

_____ I agree that all solutions, including props, costumes, signs, etc. will be made completely by me or a member of my team. I realize that if there is any part of our solution that the team cannot complete without Interference, we must redesign that part of the solution

_____ I understand that the program recognizes all teams that bring a solution to the tournaments as ‘winners’. I agree to show other teams the utmost respect and to practice good sportsmanship.

_____ I agree that the goal of my team should be to do our best to solve the Challenge – regardless of its difficulty.

_____ I agree to attend the Regional Tournament (on __/__/__). If I am in a competitive team and my team advances, my presence will also be required at the NY Affiliate Tournament (on __/__/__), and potentially also at Global Finals (__/__/__).


Signature of Team Member _________________________________________ Date _________



_____ I agree, in the proper spirit of the program, not to interfere with the team’s solutions. All creations, inventions, decorations, ideas, must come from the team members.

_____ I agree to make every effort for my child to attend every team meeting. If there is a conflict, either my child or I will notify the Team Manager as soon as possible.

_____ I understand that my child has a commitment to his/her team, and that team member substitutions are not possible once work on the solution has begun.

_____ I understand that my child must attend the Regional Tournament (on __/__/__). If my child is in a competitive team and the team advances, their presence will also be required at the NY Affiliate Tournament (on __/__/__), and potentially also at Global Finals (__/__/__).

_____ I realize that my child’s Team Manager will be contributing a significant amount of time and effort to provide a rewarding experience for the team. I will try to be as cooperative and helpful as possible.

_____ I agree to discuss all of the items listed above with my child.


Signature of Parent _________________________________________ Date _________ 

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