One Team Manager’s 10 Commandments for Destination Imagination teams.

  1. Solve the challenge.
  2. Simple can be better than elaborate or complex.
  3. Speak Clearly – you can have the best solution ever, but if people can’t hear or understand you, you won’t get the point across to the judges, audience reaction — or points.
  4. Work together as a team — even when you don’t like the other people or the ideas.
  5. Don’t put anybody or any idea down. If you want improvement, praise the good points of the first idea and then give an alternative suggestion / twist.
  6. Props / backdrops / costumes should look good from 10 feet away.
  7. Decide what you like best of your presentation. Practice what you will point out to the appraisers (presumably what you like best) and who will talk about what.
  8. Respect other people’s opinions — often one of the wildest ideas can turn into a creative jackpot!
  9. Be nice to your team managers — they are volunteering their time too!
  10. Practice instant challenges & improv!
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