There is always paperwork.  Here are some hints and guidelines…

Don’t forget your forms

The appraisers NEED your forms to be able to score your solution! What the team writes on those forms WILL impress the appraisers. The appraisers do read every word on your forms (usually more than once).  The forms tell the appraisers what to look for when the team performs – so they are definitely an opportunity to improve your team’s score!

Be sure your forms are neat and legible. Typed forms are preferred!  Interactive forms are available which allow the user to comple the form on the computer, and then print out the final version.  Use them!

Be sure you have all the forms you need for your competition — READ THE SPECIFICS OF YOUR CHALLENGE TO BE SURE WHICH FORMS YOU NEED TO BRING WITH YOU.

Complete the forms before the day of competition. Having to complete forms at the last minute will cause unnecessary stress for team members on competition day.

Make two complete sets of forms. Give one to the team member who is the “forms person” (this set is often stored with the props). Have the TM keep the other set with him/her at all times on tournament day as a back up in case the forms are lost.

Don’t forget your ID Sign

This is not a scored element but you must have it. Make sure this is done before the day of competition to avoid unnecessary stress for the team on competition day!

Pay attention to the size requirements and the information that is required to be on the sign. Make the sign neat and legible.

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