maY 22-25, 2024

Team NY at Global Finals '24

New York teams that excelled at the 2024 NYDI Affiliate Tournament have been nominated to present their Challenge solutions at the Global Finals '24, taking place in Kansas City, May 22-25, 2024.

What to Bring
Clear Bag Policy

Getting Ready for Global Finals

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It is your duty as a Team Manager to review the Important Team Manager Info including the appropriate Informational Videos and Informational Documents for your Team Challenge and Instant Challenge!

Event Guide

We want to make sure that Global Finals is accessible for all! The Global Finals '24 Event Guide highlights details of Global Finals through photos, descriptions, and other helpful information. It is designed to help everyone — no matter what their role at Global Finals or their needs may be — have a great experience at our event.

Have questions?


  • Go to DI Event Management System.
  • Log in using the same email and password that you used on the DI Resource Area to select and download your Challenge back in the fall. You can use the password reset function if you don’t remember your password.
  • Go to Teams → Register.
  • Click the pencil  button to the left of your team.

Global Finals teams must register in the DI Event Management System.
Any registration concerns should be addressed to [email protected].

More Information for Teams and Parents

There is a great deal of information regarding housing and meal options, and about the activities available while in Kansas City, available on the Global Finals Web Page. Please encourage your parents to review all of the activities and events at Globals so they get a better sense of what Globals is all about and of the activities that are available. We strongly suggest installing the Global Finals App on your phone or other device.

Pin Trading

It has been said that beyond the Challenges, pin trading is the social glue which binds teams from all around the world together at Global Finals.

Every team member will receive a few NYDI pins in their Champ Pack, but most participants buy additional pins so that they have more to trade.  See the Champ Pack page and our NYDI Shop for more information.

Update: 2024 pins are back in stock and can be delivered to your team at Global Finals!

Place your order today before we run out again!

Team NY Swag

You will be receiving some free NYDI swag to wear and wield at the Welcome Ceremony and at the Closing Celebration. These goodies will be distributed in Kansas City on Wednesday afternoon, in Bartle Hall (Kansas City Convention Center). We will send email with the pickup location.

Packing and Travelling

What to Bring

Here is a list of items that teams should be sure to bring with them for the trip to Kansas City:

  • Your solution: Make sure you have a good checklist of all of your props, equipment, supplies, costumes, etc. Check it twice!
  • Tools and back-up supplies: Anything that you will need to assemble, maintain, or repair your solution.
  • A printed out copy of your Tournament Data Form and Expense Report — just in case there are technical difficulties.
  • Clothing:
    2024 New York State Champions Shirt

    2024 NY State Champions Shirt

    • Your New York State Champions shirt – wear this for the Welcome Ceremony and Closing Celebration.
    • Your school or team DI Shirt – wear for Team Challenge (unless you have costumes), and for your Instant Challenge.
    • Costume for the Box 'n' Ballers Bash, aka the “Duct Tape Ball” (if you plan to attend). It is traditional to make costumes out of duct tape.
    • Comfortable walking shoes — Kansas City Convention Center is almost a mile in length! The last time I was there I figure I walked about 5 miles per day.
    • Clothes for the remainder of your stay – but not too much!
  • Your NYDI Trading Pins
  • Cell phone and charger. Extra batteries or power banks are recommended.
  • Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses (temperatures in Kansas City are expected to be in the mid 80’s).
  • Any medications which you need, in their original packaging.

What NOT to Bring

While that is a pretty long list, we do advise teams to pack light:

  • Don’t bring any fancy dress clothing.  You won’t need it!
  • Don’t bring lots of extra clothing “just in case”. You can always wash items as needed.
  • Don’t bring anything which is illegal or dangerous – no drugs, alcohol, weapons, etc.
  • Important: Do not bring backpacks, pins, other opaque bags or anything that is difficult to search to the Welcome Ceremony, Magic by Mio, or Closing Celebration. Only clear bags are allowed, and NO PIN BINDERS!. See the Clear Bag Policy below.
  • Most important: Don’t bring ATTITUDE! Remember – we are no longer teams from our individual schools! Rather, we are TEAM NEW YORK, representing our entire affiliate, our country, and DI globally. We are ambassadors for Destination Imagination – let’s act that way, and support every team – no matter where they come from.

Clear Bag Policy

The following events are being held at the Kansas City Municipal Arena (aka Municipal Auditorium)

  • Welcome Ceremony
  • Magic by Mio
  • Backstage Workshop with KC Aerial Arts
  • Closing Celebration

A clear bag policy will be in effect at the Municipal Arena. Each team will receive a clear bag at registration. Team members should plan to bring minimal items. All items holding pins will have to be removable and must be easily examined. To avoid long wait times, please refrain from placing any pins on any articles of clothing that cannot be removed. Pin binders will not be allowed into the arena, so we encourage you to place pins on a pin towel, lanyard, or in your clear, approved plastic bag.

Every team will be issued a single clear bag at check-in / registration that they can use to carry items into the arena. If you feel that your team needs more capacity, then we suggest bringing some large clear Ziploc storage bags for the purpose.

Our advice:

  • Bring as little as possible with you to the Welcome Ceremony and Closing Celebration!
  • Bring only your credentials, your ceremony tickets, your phone, and the Team NY Swag that we have given you!
  • Don't bring pins to events at the arena!
  • If you must bring something with you, use the clear bag given to you at registration! 

Again: The less you bring to the Arena, the better!

The clear bag policy does not apply to the Kansas City Convention Center or the Marriott Hotel!
It only applies to the
Municipal Arena.

Prop Storage and Handling

Prop Delivery to Kansas City

  • If you shipped props on NYDI's truck, or by sending them in advance via Viper Tradeshow, then they will be delivered directly to your booth on the 3rd floor of the Convention Center (aka Bartle Hall) by 9:00 AM US/Central on Wednesday, May 22.
  • If you are driving props to Kansas City yourself, please see Team Props (Driving Props) for important instructions.

Moving Props from Prop Storage to Pre-Prep Area 

  • Important Team Manager Info has links to videos and other Challenge-specific instructions. This is a must read page for all teams!
  • It's a good idea to do a walk-through from your booth to the Pre-Prep area for your Challenge at least 24 hours before your actual performance time, so you know what to expect on your performance day.
  • If your team needs a cart or dolly to move props to and from the Presentation Site, you should plan to bring it with you to the event or find a way to carry all necessary items.
  • A limited number of dollies and carts will be available for free rental at the Convention Center on a first-come, first served basis. Those opting to rent will be required to leave a valid driver's license, credit card, and signed rental form, and will be charged $600 for any unreturned cart.
  • Locations:
    • TC Rooms beginning with a three (3) are on the same floor as Prop Storage (no need for elevators).
    • TC Rooms beginning with a two (2) are one floor below Prop Storage (use an elevator or escalators).
  • The elevators are approximately 7 ft (L) x 6 ft (W) x 9 ft (H).
  • Keep in mind that there may be standard-size doorways on the path between prop storage and your Presentation Site!
It is your duty as a Team Manager to review the Important Team Manager Info including the appropriate Informational Videos and Informational Documents for your Team Challenge and Instant Challenge!

Schedule of New York Teams

The schedule below is updated from the official schedule in the DI Event Management system on a best-efforts basis (daily).

Notifications from DI Inc. always take precedence!

The schedule is not available yet.