A compiled list of useful links for Teams and their Team Managers.

Team Manager Links:

Tips & Tricks for Team Managers Workbook
Preparing Young Thinkers for the Real World
DISC Resource Pages
Free Downloadable Materials from DI Inc. 

Instant Challenge Links:

Create Your Own Instant Challenges and Improvs
Creative Problem Solvers
Montana DI IC Tips: General Performance Task Based Practice ICs
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Instant Challenge!

Architectural & Structural Links:

Structure Team Manager Guide
Exploratorium: Science Explorer: Geodesic Gumdrops
Structures Around the World
Building Big – take a close look at the labs and challenges!
Balsa Wood Road Map
How to Build a House of Cards
Diary of a Balsa Goddess
Garrett’s Bridges

Geographical & Cultural Links:

Culture of South America 
Irish Culture 
The Hobo Traveler

Mechanical Technical Links:

How Stuff Works 
Amateur Science
The Official Rube Goldberg Web site 
The Science Explorer

Drama & Improv Links:

The KidProv® Website 
Inkspot.com: The Writers Resource
The New Improv Page
Fuzzy’s Games List 

Creativity and Problem Solving Links:

What is Creativity 
Creativity Portal – free Creativity resources 
10 Steps to Boosting your Creativity 
Creativity Tools for Teachers

Kids’ Sites Links:

Neuroscience for Kids
Kids Guide to Government

Creativity, Creative Thinking and Brain Sites:

Creative Aerobics®
Gifted Education – A Resource Guide for Teachers


American Science and Surplus 
Dick Blick Art Materials
Edmund Scientific – Bag of Motors
Surplus Electronics Mail Order Catalogues 

Just for Fun:

Hamster Dance!
Weird Science
Univ. of Oxford, Museum of History and Science
The Exploratorium
Creativity Aerobics
The Global Schoolhouse
Make Stuff!
The MAD Scientist Library
Amateur Science

Team Building:

Team Building for Students
Team Building Games etc
12 Tips for Building Successful Teams
Team Building Games & Exercises
A Complete Guide to Online Team Building Resources

Skills Training Projects:

Great building activities for younger kidsScience Explorer
The BUILDING BIG Website – especially the LABS section
Science Fair Project Large, Simple Hovercraft
BuildingGadgets: Information to help you build electronics projects
Science Fair Projects for Kids
Amateur Science Experiments, demonstrations, projects


PITSCO: Innovative Education – math, science & technology.
American Science and Surplus
Robot Books
Micro Mark Mail Order
Specialized Balsa Wood, LLC
SIG Manufacturing



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