Why is the Tournament Scheduled This Way?

Participants often ask us why our Tournaments are scheduled as they are. We receive questions like: Why this date for the Tournament? Why is our performance time so early / so late? Why is there so much / little time between our Team Challenge (TC) and Instant Challenge (IC)? Why can’t the awards ceremony be earlier? Why can’t we have the tournament on multiple days? Why is the tournament enrollment deadline so early? Why can’t I change our performance time a week before the Tournament? So let’s think about what is involved in scheduling a Tournament…The BasicsWhat do we need to do? Figure out the date of the Tournament Figure out which teams need to be scheduled Figure out what TC rooms we need. Give each team …

NYDI Statistics

Statistics on number of teams and Challenge popularity for this program year.

Affiliate Tournament Transportation FAQ

When do you recommend that students arrive in Binghamton for the Tournament? The answer to this question depends greatly upon how far away from Binghamton you live, and also upon your budget. Most teams travelling from farther away (e.g. Buffalo or NYC area) stay overnight in a Binghamton area hotel on the night before the tournament, so that the team is well rested and ready to perform early in the day. If you live closer to Binghamton, you may be able to travel early in the morning to reach Binghamton High School.  Be aware, though, that there is a risk involved, in that a transportation breakdown could cause you to miss your performance time.  When do you recommend that students leave Binghamton after the Tournament? …

Painting Basics

You have many paints at your disposal as you make your props & backdrops. Generally, the size of the item to be painted will dictate the kind of paint to use. A large backdrop might be painted with house, spray, or poster paint. A small detailed prop could use acrylics, or watercolor, or another “art” paint. Think about how the audience & appraisers will view the piece. Is it being scored for “artistic effect”? Does it need lots of identifiable figures or lettering, or is it simply being used for overall color? Would it be helpful to use one paint to do the large background, let it dry, & then use another paint for the details on the piece? Do you want to only paint …

Team Cheer Ads

Team Cheer Ads are sold for all NYDI tournaments, and are a great chance for you to give your team, school or district a little recognition in our tournament program, and to raise some money for your local program and for NYDI.

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Start a Team

Congratulations on your decision to start a Destination Imagination team!Here’s how to begin:

Lending Library

Library items are available on 10 day loan to active members of NYDI. Contact Us to Arrange a Loan   All Materials in the Library are copyrighted and therefore my not be duplicated under penalty of law.  

Improvisation Resources

General resources for Improv Teams and teams looking to improve the improvisational component of Instant Challenge

Structure Tester

Engineering / Structure Team Guide

{autotoc} Authorship This guide was written by Bill Allen, Bruce Urban, and Dee Urban. 2012, 2014, 2018, 2019 updates and reformatting by Joshua Diamond. Introduction The goal for this guide is to provide a step-by-step approach to teaching a Destination Imagination team about building structures in a way that doesn’t constitute interference.  This guide is not written with any particular Engineering Challenge in mind. It intends to simply provide generic structure building knowledge. Anyone reading this guide should be aware that the team must thoroughly read and understand the rules for the current year’s Engineering Challenge – because this guide might suggest techniques or materials that are not allowed this year. This guide will cover: Tools, safety and environmental issues. Glue and material characteristics. An introduction …

Budgeting and Fundraising

Introduction When your team forms, your local sponsoring organization (e.g. school) will inform you of the expenses for which teams are responsible, and of the details about how teams are funded in your organization.  You should contact your sponsoring organization’s coordinator or your Regional Director for more information. In addition to this, however, many Team Managers and parents have requested a breakdown of the typical budgeting for teams, and we provide an example here. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER This expense breakdown is provided solely as a rough guide! All dollar amounts are estimates based upon prior years. Some expenses and fundraising responsibilities may be absorbed in part or in full by the local sponsoring organization (e.g. school), or may be presented to you differently by said organization. In all …


Thanks to generous donors, NYDI offers two great scholarship programs for students who have participated in the program:


Descriptions of Special Awards

At each tournament Destination Imagination can grant various special awards for solutions which were distinctive, or for anything which especially impressed the appraisers.