Scavenger Hunt / Field Trip Activity

Introduction A fellow TM suggested I post the scavenger hunt idea I used with my team last weekend. We visited four types of stores: craft supply store, hardware store, fabric store and office supply store for 30 minutes each. The kids were armed with a list of questions to answer in each store, with the end product being a list of materials and supplies from which they can draw ideas when they are working on their solution during the year. Many of the questions used in this scavenger hunt actually came from Rich Safris, the author of “The Winning Edge,” who included them in his book as a list of Instant Challenges. The kids can team up in pairs if they desire. I offered a …

A Typical Tournament Day

So, what exactly happens on the day of the tournament? There is detail in the Travel Guide and in Rules of the Road – but here is a quick primer.

Forms & ID Sign

There is always paperwork.  Here are some hints and guidelines…

Team Choice Elements

Team Choice Elements (sometimes called Side Trips) are often 40% of the team’s total score.   They are a great way for the team to show off their talents, and do something which isn’t prescribed by the challenge.  Here are some thoughts on how teams can build great team choice elements to complement the rest of their solution.

Interference – Yes or No?

REMEMBER – It’s Their Solution! But, exactly where is the boundary?   This guide will help you find it!

Why We Do This

I cannot imagine a greater way to stay close to my kids, have fun, and encourage other kids. There was never anything like this when I was a kid, and if there was I wouldn’t have been able to be involved. I have had jobs all my life, and extra-curricular activities in school were very few, because I had to work. So, when my kids started getting involved, I swore I would let them do what they wanted and be encouraging them all the way. After some disappointments with coaches, we started to coach a lot of different teams and sports. Then we found CPS–we were hooked.


Some hints on how to teach your team the improv skills they need to succeed in the Improv challenge and in Instant Challenges.

Roles in Instant Challenge

It is helpful, especially for younger or inexperienced teams, for each member to have a designated role when solving Instant Challenges…

Instant Challenge

De-mystifying Instant Challenge – and providing some hints on how teams can be successful there.