Family and Friends Fun Challenges

It’s holiday time and families are gathering, even if it may be partly online via video conference this year due to COVID-19. Are you looking for a fun family and friends activity that can be done in the safety of your home and socially distanced? Welcome to our Holiday Activity Challenge! We have three choices of activities that you can do with your family and friends, and all of them are free!

June 2014 DIve in Challenge: Food is Art

Overview: Food. You love it. You eat it. Now it is time to appreciate it! Food may be difficult to fit into your typical DI Challenge, but this Dive In Summer Challenge will have you asking for seconds!

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July 2013 DIve in Challenge: Service DIve In

Overview: Many people’s thoughts turn to community service around the holiday season, but unfortunately, there is a need for service year round. This activity was inspired by Destination Imagination’s projectOUTREACH® challenges. Let’s see if the DI community can make a difference in the greater community this summer!

June 2013 DIve in Challenge: There isn’t an App for that?

Overview: A quick search of the available smart phone apps reveals the surprising fact that there is no readily available Destination Imagination themed smart phone application! Can you believe it? Well, we couldn’t, and we at NYDI think it is just about time we have one!